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2024 US Women’s Open

You NEVER know who you are going to meet volunteering at the US Women’s Open. And actually, you won’t ever know because I can’t tell you. But I can tell you that this week has been the MOST fun. Being part of the USGA Performance and Recovery Team is an incredible...

Are you ALL IN at your Practice?

Be ALL IN on your Journey Raise your hand if you are planning to open your own practice and have a part time job to pay the bills until your practice becomes profitable? I hear this strategy quite often from new graduates who are afraid that it will take too long to...


Finally, business school for chiropractors! With this comprehensive step-by-step guide, students and doctors alike can save time and costly mistakes. Additionally, Dr. Goodman’s philosophy will elevate the whole profession by helping us message in positive, empowering, and effective way. 

– Andrew cohen, dc, CCSP

Past President, ACA Sports Council


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