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Do you have a quick question about….

  • Chiropractic school – clubs, seminars, involvement?
  • Choosing your path – associateship, independent contractor or opening your practice?
  • Your brand name, tagline, logo or colors?
  • Marketing on a budget?
  • Your first hire?
  • Or anything else?

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Private Coaching Your Way

If you read my book, you know how my goal is to build practices without breaking the bank. The same goes for coaching. Good advice should not cost you a month’s profit. But good advice should increase your profit and your happiness. Already have a plan and just need some help making decisions? Let’s talk. Don’t know where to start? I can help. Do you already know you are great at what you do, but feeling overwhelmed? I’m here for that too. If you haven’t already, read the last chapter of my book, “The Last Pep Talk”.

Coaching Rates:

$100 First 1 Hour (Virtual) – includes one month of unlimited email communication

$75 Follow up 30 Minutes (Virtual) – includes one month of unlimited email communication

$200 Team Training on the Patient Experience (Live virtual 90 Min) – I will train your team to create the ultimate patient experience

There is no contract and no commitment. Success breeds success and I want to see you succeed sooner than later.

    Email me and I’ll point you in the right direction. Let’s get started.



    “Dr. Lisa Goodman took time out of her busy schedule to talk on the phone with me about my potential career options after graduating from chiropractic school. I always thought I knew what I wanted to do throughout school, but after I graduated, there were several opportunities that popped up which I hadn’t considered before. I was feeling uncertain and had lost confidence in what I wanted to do because of the flurry of options. Dr. Goodman helped me walk through the options step-by-step, talking me through what the best choice would be for me given my short- and long-term goals in the field. I came away from the call feeling clarity and peace of mind, which I’m immensely grateful for. I would absolutely recommend consulting with Dr. Goodman about your potential career path–especially as a new graduate!”

    – Paul Edie, DC.



    “Having the opportunity to have a candid business conversation with Dr. Lisa about the struggles and strategies of chiropractic business ownership was so helpful in navigating a few challenges that have come up over the last year. She lead with compassionate problem solving and also a kick in the tail to remind me of the value of the business I built. Her knowledge on hiring employees, creating value within the practice, and strategic team growth goals was extremely helpful in mapping out the next steps in my clinical growth. Whether you are an owner or associate chiropractor, she will guide you through the growth that you are looking for with proven processes.”

    – Jen Nelson, DC.


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