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The Ultimate Patient Experience

Can you build your practice from one single patient? Yes, you can. And you can do it your way. Use this FREE guide to build your Ultimate Patient Experience and start creating community today.

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How to Run a Pop-Up Clinic

Pop-up clinics on-location outside of your practice share chiropractic with a larger audience. It is basically free marketing! Use this FREE guide to plan and organize plan your first off-site pop-up clinic today.

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Networking Email Template

Building relationships with fitness and health care professionals is important and easy. Use this FREE email template to start making friends with coaches, trainers and medical professionals (bonus: read my blog here).

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Job Description Template

Setting expectations and drawing in the right candidate is essential for building your dream team. Use this FREE template to get help hiring associates, office managers, and front desk staff.

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Treatment Notes Cover Letter 

When sending a patient’s notes to a provider it can be a great opportunity to not only share patient information, but also market your brand. Be sure to request written permission from your patient and use your logo at the top of the letterhead. Use the FREE SAMPLE and make it your own.


I just finished the book. WOW! That must have been a lot of work! I love the purpose, and how concise it is. I’ve never seen anything laid out like this. It’s exactly what every student should start as soon as they know they want to be a chiropractor, no matter what their experience.


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