Chiropractor is THE BEST KEPT SECRET in health care jobs and it looks like it will continue to be. The US News and World Report Best Jobs in Health Care Report 2024 revealed chiropractic as the 23rd best job in healthcare (or the 3rd worst job in health care) on their list of 26. As their criteria for ranking ‘best jobs’ involved “higher salaries, ample job opportunities and avenues for promotion” as what most people are looking for, it might make a bit of sense that chiropractor ranks so low. While a high salary is available, as most chiropractors are self-employed or working for a small business owner it may appear that opportunities for growth are limited. However, I still believe that this is the BEST profession in the world. Read on to find out why!

Let’s get the big elephant in the room out of the way. As a chiropractor you will most likely end up being an entrepreneur. Most of us not only have to open our own practices, but we want to. Small business ownership offers flexibility and truly, limitless earning potential. (That is after a few years of sweat equity and quite a whole lot of elbow grease!)

So, if you are up for a few years of working your tail off – chiropractic entrepreneurship is one of the best jobs in health care! If not, there are still great opportunities. While I opened my practice weeks after graduation, you don’t have to. There are so many more opportunities for a career as an associate in chiropractic than there were back in 2006. Many doctors are realizing as I did, that working on a team of 2 or more chiropractors in the same space is actually more lucrative for everyone involved. Not only that, but it is better for patients as well! Teamwork makes the dream work – if you are not up for launching your own business, find a super boss who supports you and start serving the people!

I mentioned flexibility! For me (and many students I meet with) work-life balance is at the top of the list of what makes a job satisfying. Of course we all want to make a great income, especially after graduating with a professional degree, but the idea of punching a 9 to 5 clock it not very attractive to most of us. And many of the jobs on this health care list involve exactly that. Chiropractic as a career provides a lot of creative work schedule options while still maintaining a 34-40 hour week. Many doctors may work 6 days per week but only 8-2 or they may work four 8-9 hour days per week with a three day weekend or a day off on Wednesdays. Even as an associate there is often flexibility with a schedule as a chiropractor. This makes me happy!

Speaking of income, this list has the median income listed as $75,000. While this is median across the country, most chiropractors I know that have more than 5 years of experience are making more than six figures with a custom schedule that allows for work life balance! Yes, even associates.

One last word on this list…If you browse the list you’ll see that most of the ‘best jobs in health care’ are corporate in some nature. Meaning that a large health care company with benefits and growth potential are behind them. Nurse Practitioner, Physicians Assistant and Speech Language Pathologist are generally positions hired by corporations. Keep in mind that many corporate jobs lack the flexibility and work-life balance that I strive for. However, if you are looking for a stable environment with benefits there are more and more opportunities presenting to chiropractors in hospital and medical systems. Yay for evolution of our profession!

Thoughts on chiropractic being listed as #23? Let me know!

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