I am a former advertising media manager turned chiropractic entrepreneur and author of The Manual for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur. I believe that chiropractic is the best profession in the world. And that thriving in chiropractic private practice is as simple as understanding your why, leading with your values and a whole lot of elbow grease. I also support collaboration over competition and that mentorship is one of the most important ingredients to growing chiropractic around the world. I trust that abundance begets abundance and the more successful my neighboring chiropractic office is, the more successful I will be. If you want more hype, more support and more of my tactical advice please read The Manual for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur. Because it is all in there and so much more!

Back in 1998 I graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in communications and studio art. I completed my pre-med requirements at the University of Minnesota in 1999 and promptly decided NOT to apply to medical school. It had been a lifelong dream, but as with many chiropractors, there comes a time when we realize the medical route is not for us. Drugs, surgery and referrals isn’t the type of patient care I was seeking. So, I followed my strong creative streak and spent four years working at branding advertising agencies in Minneapolis and San Francisco. I am SO grateful for this detour in my career. I often speak to high school students and I preach – there is no such thing as wasted time in school, in work or in life. Everything is a lesson, a stepping stone and it all adds to the journey that leads to your best life. No regrets.

In fact, after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2006, I immediately and without hesitation opened my own private practice. There were many lessons along the way. Many questions, doubts, successes and failures. In fact – I wrote a book about it to help you! I WISH my book had been around in 2006, I would have grown faster, spent less money and made way fewer mistakes. That is not to say I had no idea what I was doing. Thanks to my background in media, I excelled at communication and marketing. I networked easily with local businesses, medical practices and like minded practitioners. Yep, that’s all in there too. Because tip #1 in private practice, you will not succeed alone.

I hear from students and doctors all the time, that they are threatened by competition or that other doctors have a larger social media presence or that they feel like they are not enough. I can tell you – you are enough. It is so easy to get in your own head about what you should be doing, or what works for other practices. What is most important to know your why. Why are you a chiropractor? Why are you a business owner? If you know your why, the answers will flow. I am a chiropractor for the obvious reason, to help people. But more than that, to educate my patients on what is normal in their body and how to grow up and grow old strong, healthy and with the fewest amount of interventions possible. And while I can help one patient at at time at my practice (and yes, I still practice) I can help so many more by being in each of your treatment rooms! Or at least by collaborating with you so that you feel confident, comfortable and have all of the resources you need to do the same.

So why am I an author and a speaker? Because I can’t help myself! To tell you that I have a desire for teaching is not quite right. A desire is a love for something. And I do love teaching. But I also feel like I actually just can’t help myself. I feel compelled to teach, to guide and to advise. I have stories to tell and information to share to pretty much anyone who will listen. But more than that, I have the ability to listen, hear and interpret your challenges and create cost effective, creative and streamlined solutions.

So why am I a coach? Because I want to see you build your business your way. There are many coaches and companies that will guide you to do it THEIR way, but I know that your practice will be so much more fun, successful and sustainable if you do it YOUR way. I have been coaching for decades. Starting with youth athletes (including my own kids!), adult athletes, small business owners and chiropractors, I love hearing about your challenges. Together solutions come easy.

I do not lack ambition. But after 17 years in private practice my ambition has grown beyond myself. I have a strong need to see chiropractors succeed. I need this profession to continue to help people, to continue to grow and to do so ethically and sustainably. We know how powerful the media can be and we understand that one headline can cause a massive reaction. That is why it is up to all of us to lead by example.

My goal for the future of our profession is that rather than hearing someone as “Why do you see a chiropractor?” when you casually mention that you have an upcoming appointment… they will say, “Who is your chiropractor?” when they move to town and need to set up their own wellness appointment. The reputation of Chiropractic needs to be elevated within healthcare and within society. And I believe it will be.

If you’ve made it all the way to end, just know I am cheering for you, I am here to support you and help you thrive your own way. Tell me your vision and we can make a plan. Start by reading The Manual for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur. It is packed with information no matter where you are on your chiropractic journey. Oh and I have lots of FREE downloadables to help you along the way. Beyond that I look forward to collaborating with you. Please contact me if you are stuck or have questions, I am here to help. Please also reach out to celebrate your successes! We can all learn from them.