BEFORE you ask why a patient is coming in or which provider they want to see…

Are you ASKING the #1 most important question?

“How did you hear about our practice?”

The answer to this question is the start of your RELATIONSHIP with your patients. Did they find you though an online search? Were they referred to you by their spouse or coworker? This information provides instant common ground for making a CONNECTION with your future patient. 

The best part is, the answer doesn’t matter! Your RESPONSE is all that matters. 

WELCOME your patients to your practice with a reassuring and positive comment no matter how they found you. The energy put out during your first impression is EVERYTHING. Reinforce the great decision they made and continue that throughout their entire experience at your practice. 

If they found you through a referral – reinforce how grateful you are for referrals. You cannot confirm that the person who referred them is a patient. This is tricky, but not really an obstacle. Just let them know how much you appreciate referrals and how glad you are that they were sent your way.

If they found you through a search engine or drive by – be real, be funny, be empathetic. When I answer the phone at my practice – and it does happen! – I might be overheard saying “woah, you are taking your life in your hands!” If you’re intentions are good, your patients will feel welcomed. The truth is that finding any health care provider online is a gamble and breaking the ice with this type of comment is funny and inviting. Of course, you could also go with – “ok, what is your name, date of birth and what are you coming in for?”. Please in the name of all that is fun, good and important in chiropractic, be empathetic and relatable!

There are a lot of strategies to convert new patients in chiropractic. Chapter 12 of The Manual for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur details all you need to know to create the ULTIMATE patient experience in your practice. 

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